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Craft Lodge

The Craft Lodge, also known as the Dealers' Den, is where you can find super cool artists, artisans, and creators and support them by purchasing their wares or their services!

Foxy - Tiffany Fox.png

Studio Kitsune

Guest of Honor

Eat More Cat, home of Studio Kitsune and Lazy Fox studios; makers of furry art, fanzines, prints, coloring books, comics, etc! Since 1993!

D59256B4-60DC-414C-9DD5-921122396992 - Laura Pearson.jpeg

Quack Quack Honk

Panel Presenter

I love drawing cute animals (sometimes with tasty desserts, sometimes with a colorful drink). I post something here 5 days a week, and sell art at conventions. If you don’t see what you are looking for I also take commissions.

IMG_xsis94 - D. Walker.jpg

Hopeful Monster Studios

Panel Presenter, GoH Alum

D. Walker is the human shaped vessel of Hopeful Monster Studios. She lives in a box with two cats, a dog, a snake, a small human, & a meat popsicle referred to as The Husbeast. She loves art, nature, amaretto sours, & her unwieldy/slightly bizarre family unit.
D. began making art professionally in 2010, then launched the Cruinndrac Farms Wyrm Game in 2012. She enjoys furthering her skills in sculpting & 2d art, as well as costume making, leatherworking, wood carving, & any other random art supplies she can get her hands on.


Foxie's Tiki Bar

Panel Presenter

Foxie’s (that’s with an ie) is the place to go for great drinks done simply. Learn how to make them at home on our twitch stream at or order some premium furry tiki apparel and housewares at Foxie’s Tiki bar, always fun, always delicious! Use code BDAYROXIE for 10% off your order 8/11-8/13 in celebration of Roxie's birthday on Aug 12th

LIFC-square - Shetani(1).jpg



I'm Shetani (she/her), a USA-based creative cheetah making my mark on the furry community since 2012. I offer stickers, pins, videos, and even more goodies! I'm passionate about animal conservation, costuming, self-expression, and improving the communities I belong to. Learn more about Shetani and follow me online at

pyrocatpro5x5wso - Helen Lauzau.png

Pyrocat Productions


Pyrocat Productions is an NC based studio that focuses on animal, anthropomorphic and sci-fi/fantasy illustration! I take great inspiration from cats, video games, and the natural world. Offerings currently include: Prints, Stickers, Buttons and Acrylic charms! I also offer digital commissions, from sketches and portraits to reference sheets and full illustrations!

image_2023-06-11_212336931 - Neo iscool.png

Fig's Fluffy Artwork Commissions!


For all your 2d art and 3d texturing needs!

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