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Craft Lodge

The Craft Lodge, also known as the Dealers' Den, is where you can find super cool artists, artisans, and creators and support them by purchasing their wares or their services!


Apply Here!

We'd love to have you link your webfront here! Dealers who are panel presenters will have first billing on the page. There is a $10 recommended donation to the camp charity, Tapestry Health, but is not required. If you are able to donate, please forward the donation receipt to so it may be included in our charity totals. 

As we are an all-ages event if you sell NSFW items, that is fine, but they must not be easily viewed from wherever your store link takes you. I.E., having a separate store front with your NSFW items linked somewhere on your main site is fine, but there should be nothing obviously NSFW or visible on your landing page. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Craft Lodge: Sponsors
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