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Guests of Honor

Foxy - Tiffany Fox.png

Tiffany "Foxy" Fox

Tiffany, in addition to being an accomplished artist, is also known for her commitment and
contributions to the furry fandom, both locally and online. Her work putting on Furry Picnic for the many years it has been running has provided Southern New England furs a fun and safe place to party!

D59256B4-60DC-414C-9DD5-921122396992 - Laura Pearson_edited.png

Quack Quack Honk

Quack Quack Honk is a certified Copic Marker Designer and graphic designer.
Her work educating artists in marker techniques and supportive presence in a multitude of cons across the country makes us proud to have her as one of our GoHs!

Guests of Honor: Speakers
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