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Guests of Honor


Hopeful Monster

Hopeful Monster is a mom to both two legged, furry, and scaly kids. As a freelance artist, creature creator, sculptor, and maker of weird thingies, she is inspired heavily by Jim Henson and movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. In her youth, she was always drawn to the fantasy genre. She fell into the furry fandom in her early twenties, found it was full of some pretty amazing people, and never looked back. As a member of the Camp Tiny Paws team, she was instrumental in providing the Northeast US with a relaxed, family-friendly furcon experience and we cannot thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do for the area furry community!

K'Gra and Nobody

K'Gra and Nobody are Twitch streamers who stream games such as Dead By Daylight with help from their passel of Guinea pigs! They aim to have a fun, low-key streaming atmosphere, interacting with the chat like everyone was hanging out in their living room. While Nobody tries to survive the night, K’gra provides support by reading the chat and giving the peegs snacks as the chat earns them! They were both instrumental in creating an inclusive, safe, and family-friendly environment in the Northeast US by being the co-chairs for Camp Tiny Paws for its four-year run and are the reason why Weekend Furry Retreat exists today.

Guests of Honor - '22: Speakers
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